Monday, March 26, 2007

Amira and Relay

1st up a sister silk to my Meela design. Amira is sari inspired and comes in 4 different color combos. Harlequin, Citrus Twist, Deep Jewels and Aqua Bliss.

And Im so happy to announce I've joined an awesome RFL team! Woohoo! So I'll get to working on RFL items very soon I'm super excited to be involved. Shopaholics For A Cause is a huge group and I look forward to meeting them all. There's a kiosk in front of the store for donations. Give give give give!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sabina and Diversity

Sabina is an FW dress to start but a really elegant medieval style gown once you take off the veils. The veil is also scripted to change from sheer to solid.
6 colors.

Diversity is my attempt to do color change right. Im not a huge fan of in world coloring as it makes most things flat and icky. So I've been experimenting with ways to keep the detail and still give you all the conveinence and options of color change. The metallic prim details in this silk are also scripted to change from silver to gold. So tons and tons of options are available.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gossamer Silks

Beautifully delicate panels and jeweled accents make this silk special. Available in 9 gorgeous colors. 7 Jewel Toned Solids and 2 Varigated Tones; peacock (a blue to green fade) and sunset ( a fushcia to orange).

**Side note- I will be unavailable until Monday March 8th due to rl busy stuffs**

Drop me a notecard if you need anything.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dare to be bound?

New Silks in shop. And my last release for a few days as RL is getting hectic. Bound is for the girls who are fit to be tied. Chains from collar to waist and wrapped around the top. A *full prim* chain waist band (so yea a ton of prims). Wire wrap armbands and braclets complete the look. I really like how this one turned out I wanted something a little contemporary and sexy. The panels look almost latex like and each one is trimmed in black lace to soften the hard edge look of the silk.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Original Sin

This silk started off simple enough. A pretty fabric, some flowers...then it took on a life of it's own. I wanted to call it Eden but the lil gears in my head wouldn't let it alone. So then came the snake armband with his charming jeweled eyes and little snake collar (cause he's your pet after all). After the snake crawled into the silk theme there was only one thing missing...a shiny red Thus the Original Sin Silk was whole and unleashed into public. Not sure what anyone else will think but I think it's pretty cool and different.

Each Silk Inculdes: Top, Panty, Armbands, Snake Armband, Skirt, and Shiny Red Apple

Only available in 3 colors.