Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SALE-Discontinuing Items 1/30-2/7

Well we're purging some older items from stock to make room for new goodies. But before we do we're offering those items at a 50% discount. They are available on the roof of the Main Store ONLY. These no gifting is available on these items and all sales are final. All items will be pulled from stock permenantly after the sale

Monday, January 29, 2007

Yet Another Gown

Radiance. The first incarnation was a wedding gown that I eventually release but I'd like to make a matching train and veil 1st. So for now we have pretty bright formals. I love this dress so so much. 7 colors available in the Main shop.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another new gown-Zarya

I suppose I should realease in bulk as opposed to as I finish them but I get excited. This dress was made after a customer/friend dropped me a pic and asked if I could make it into a FW dress. So I did.The result is a lace up gown with bell sleeves, patterned bodice and satiny skirt. And inculded are all the free woman essentials; solid and sheer face veils, back veil for hair covering, semi-sheer undershirt and gloves. The base dress came out lovely and Im very proud of it. It could be a gothy formal or a medieval roleplay dress. So come see!
Available in black, red, green and blue.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Yes, it's unusual for me to put out a formal but I needed to try something different. So here is Enchantress. Available in Black/Silver only atm. I might expand on it later.
It inculdes: Top, Glitch Pants, Scarf and Skirt. Available in the main shop right now!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling a lil...untamed :)

I've been wanting to try a panther set. But this is the 1st I've gotten around to it. I think it's pretty cute. The set inculdes: Top, Panty, Flex skirt, Armbands, Legwrap, and gloves.

In other news....
Sold our house land today. Kinda spur of the moment so I'll be seeking new land for a day or two. Maybe something beachy this go round.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Catching Up- Part 2 : Silks

And finishing my blog update. Here are the most recent silk collections in store.

Most Recent 1st-
Enchantment Silk- Available in 6 colors. Detailed prim work is the highlight of this silk and shimmery satin fabric .Each Silk inculdes- Top, Thong, Armbands, Anklet, Thighband, Nipple Chain, and 2 Styles of Skirts.

2. Harem Jewel- Available in 8 colors, 6 solid and 2 varigated. This silk has a classic coin theme and comes in favorite jewel tones. Each Silk inculdes top, skirt base and Full Skirt

Divine Capture- Made with a good friend in mind. Divine has an almost velvety look with gold accents and detailed prim work. Available in 10 colors. Each Silk inculdes, top, thong, armbands and skirt.

Catching Up

I've slacked on the blogging for various reasons but I'm going to attempt to play catch up and get things current. Since the last posts, we've moved to a new location in Plush Kappa and put put a whole slew of new stuffs. But I'll catch you up on the last few.

Currently my obsession is Valentine's Day. I've been making a whole line of Valentine's themed goods that are transferable so they can be easily gifted for V-Day. Here are the current offerings:
Let's Attempt to write these up in order, shall we.
1. Romantic Seduction: Available in Red and Black. A long lace coat with flex panels and flex bell sleeves complimented by cute tanga short in regular (shown) and low-rise verisons (inculded).
2. Heart's Desire Silk- A glittery red silk with tiny heart accents (scripted)
3. Red Hot Mini- A sequined bright red lil number made for a night out dancing. (scripted)
4. Sweet Vixen BabyDoll lingerie- Available in Black/Pink or Black/Red. Strapless bra top with matching thong and delicate babydoll flexi skirt (scripted)
5. Broken Heart Jammies- Cause we can't all be happy on V-Day. Shirt, Tintable striped undershirt, broken heart jammie pants and matching heart slippers.
6. Wicked Lover Dress- Corset style top, matching thong , flex off the shoulder sleeves, and full prim skirt (scripted)
7. Last but certainly not least. Sweet Tart- a racy lil outfit that I can't decide whether it's lingerie or a dress. Slightly sheer top and bottom, barely there scripted mini skirt and sexy thigh highs complete this set.