Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sweet New Gown!!!

Hi all!
My name is Abby Coalcliff(Devilish Cupcake) and I'm now a guest designer for Analise!!!
::cheers:: I'm so excited the lovely Talyn Barret has allowed me to contribute to her super awesome brand!!!
So for your approval I submit the Roxanna Gown:)
This gown is a free woman gown or a Renaissance type dress. It includes a head roll hat with or without a mouth covering veil, top, sculpted pieces sleeves and skirt parts, skirt, gloves, stockings and undershirt.
~Abby Coalcliff

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kimbera and Miranda and NEWS

New Silks-Kimbera :) the orange is in the lucky chair.
New FW Gown this gown is called Miranda. And the skirt is SmartSkirt scripted woohoo! So it will move right when you sit and walk n' stuff.
Veil, Undershirt and Gloves are included.
FYI: Im going on vacation for 3 weeks-ish I'll be on every once in a while but please be patient with response times! NO GIFT REQUESTS!! Please you the Giftcard system, giftcards are for sale at the front of the silk shop. If you submit a gift request I will refund your money the next time I'm on. Analise Lameth will forward any customer service requests to me that she receives and I will respond to them when I return.

Have a great October Everyone!
<3 Talyn

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Halloween treasures at that. Come search the island for freebies from Analise, Devilish Cupcake, Infernal and Frustrated Inc!
We went nutty and gave the whole island a spooky fall theme. There's treasures and fun all around! Grab a candy apple, carve a pumpkin, explore the haunted house and pick up some free pressies!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Closed For 24hrs-ish!

Analise/Devilish Cupcake/Frustrated Inc. aka all of the island of Talana will close today at 8 AM SLT and remain closed until sometime tomorrow morning. Hopefully just 24hrs but ya never know. We're grabbing our hardhats and getting some work done. I'll post tomorrow when we all reopen. Wonders and goodies in store!

*Side note* If you need customer service help, please drop me a notecard. If you already have and haven't had your issue resolved yet please bring it to my attention again. Pesky RL has been beating up on me.