Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Island is now open to the public

Im yeah tired now.
But it's open and so far so good.
Here's the complete lisiting of New Releases
I'll umm add details later. But theyre all avaiable now in Talana!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Analise on Talana Island OPENS TOMMOROW

A lot of hard work and a bit of a rush to finish but here it is.
We've finally moved to our own sim! All pretty and bright and in my favorite Aladdin meets Barbie theme.

Come join us for our Grand Opening tomorrow April 24th at 9AM SLT.

Free Silk! Free Dress! Free fun stuff! COME SEE!

Several new releases!

Freebies available from opening day only!

A brand new sim to explore and cool stuff to buy.

Extra special freebie for update group members!
Edit cause I keep forgetting--3 Relay for Life Releases! Show some love wear purple!

Talana, 127,130,25

Proudly hosting vendor locations for:

Devilish Cupcake


Solstice Designs
Such work to get this open before clothing fair and I may kick myself for rushing but I'm 75% pleased. I hope you'll stop by and see it.