Saturday, August 15, 2009

Final Release of Camisk Week

Final release of Camisk week is Caged! 140L each or 800L for all 8 colors! I hope you've enjoyed this week as much as we have! Thanks so much to everyone who came to check out the fun!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camisk Week Day 5!

It's my turn again in the release go round! Today's camisk is Io. It can be wore super sheer or layered for a more opaque look. If you grab a fatpack of today's release you're automatically entered in our fatpack raffle to win a copy of tomorrows release! Io is 130L per color or 750L for the fatpack (complete set). And don't forget the Namesake camisk auctions end tomorrow night at 10pm SLT get your bids in now! All camisk week releases are available at the Analise and Haven designs main stores.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 3 Goodies!

Risque and PG versions of this vibrant camisk are included with every color! Available in 7 colors
120L each and 700L For all 7.

Don't forget if you buy a complete set of today's new release you will be eligable to win a fatpack of tomorrow's new release from Haven Designs.

Yesterday Xandra Treves won a full set of Haven Designs' Monday Release
.Buy a fatpack today and maybe you'll be the winner tomorrow!

All camisk week camisks are available at Analise and Haven Designs. Hit the Midnight MAnia boards while you're there!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Camisk Week has returned for Round 3!

A shimmery camisk with a shocking twist. It's sweet and sexy!
Available in 6 colors 130L each or 600L for all.

Available in the Midnight Mania for this week ONLY

In addition to our alternating new releases EVERY day for a week we have decided to add to the fun of camisk week!

At both the Analise and Haven Designs Main Store locations there will be BidBoxes set up for you to bid on:

Analise or Haven Designs future release to be named a name of your choosing
A free complete set of your namesake camisks
An exclusive color of the camisk in your choosing that will NOT be available to anyone else.
and a 1000L Gift Card

The auctions will end at 10PM SLT on Friday August 14th.

*Bid at Analise for an Analise camisk & gift card and Haven Designs for a Haven camisk and gift card or you can try your luck at both stores
** If you win the auction and would like to have the items delivered to another avatar as a gift this is also possible.

If the auction isn't your style we're also holding a daily fatpack raffle!
To be entered purchase a fatpack of the previous day's release to have your name entered into a raffle to win a fatpack of the next camisk week release!

Ex; Purchase Tuesday's Analise camisk release as a fatpack(complete set) and be entered to win Wednesday's Haven Designs release fatpack.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

August goods!

New Men's Lucky Chair and Brand New Free Man!!
Check them out!!