Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deity Silks- For the goddess in you!

Okay so it's been a lil while since my last silk. Even I can get burned out on making one thing over and over. I try to be innovative and different it doesn't always work but I do put the effort in. This silk is made of drapey goodness in rich jewel tones.
Each set includes:
Top, Drape on Jacket layer, Flexi Cape, Flexi Sash, Panty and Skirt.
There's mix and match potentional here for the bold and brave. I hope you enjoy :)

Friday, May 25, 2007


Fierce- It's been forever since I made a panther set. So Fierce was born and it has a cool decorative dagger built into the waist band of the skirt. I think looking dangerous is smexy. I love you but I'll slice you! *bats eyelashes sweetly* The set comes with top, thong, armwraps, anklewraps, skirt, choker and available in 2 prints.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nymphet and Some 'kinis

I like this dress much more than I thought I would. It's kinda wicked looking. My sister Angelica (yes, another rl sis in sl..what can I say we have gaming addictions) is forever in pursuit of shorter skirts and all the trappings of clubwear. So I made this...and warped it into something I like too. It's following my gothy theme of late and its got the club glitter shine to it. So glitter-goth it shall be. The set comes with All 5 colors of tops, Thong, Gloves, and flexi skirt in 2 sizes. What can I say, I like black lace.

AND...cause Im in a jumping on the bandwagon kinda mood. I made bikinis. 3 patterns same style sold as a set. 200L on shirt/pants and underwear layers. They're no transfer... :p
Happy downtime to you all! I hope your work/house cleaning/tv watching/reading/errands/beta grid stalking all goes well! See you in the aftermath!


Monday, May 21, 2007

I maketh more stuff

On a kick. When I'm not feeling my best I make things. It's like therapy I never really thought about til my best friend pointed it out. Usually my mood is reflected in whatever I've made. So today's offerings are as follows

Detention Worthy-My 1st Attempt at a schoogirl outfit. Top,Knee-Highs,Skirtbase,Flexi mini, panties

Onto things I made today....
Living Dead 'School' Girl- A goth revamp of Detention Worthy.

Fairuza which is loosely based on the gothic lolita style...yet oddly enough if you nix the sleeves and striped socks it looks a bit like a can can dancer costume. *insert puzzled and amused look*.
The set comes with:
Top and Sleeves in 3 colors, Glitch Shorts, Flex Crinoline skirt, Gloves to avoid that weird thing that happens when you make loose mesh sleeves, Striped socks, Arm Ruffles and Cameo Choker.

and now Im off to sleep...nini.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I maketh stuff

Kiana is a print silk with what I decided is a native island girl theme. I didn't think I'd like it but now I do I think it came out really nice. But I'll let you judge for yourself.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Owned and some afterthoughts

New silks out today. Yippie. I really like the colors on this set they kinda came together on their own. In addition to the 9 you can purchase there's another 2 behind the scenes. Sky and Tangerine. Sky was given to the update group as a gift and Tangerine now resides in the lucky chair as the May release. If you long for a new silk you can still join my update group and snag it from the past notices section.

And onto another topic. Review copies. Yes, I know everyone makes a review copy post but with good reason. We all have different opinions. If you ( a second life blogger with a site you can direct me to *with regular posting schedule*) wish to receive a review copy of my stuff, just ask. I won't be angry if it doesn't make the cut as long as you don't abuse your status. I occasionally pass out review copies on my own, but really I'm shy. I religiously read SL blogs and the writers have star status I am easily intimidated. Though the bloggers I've met have been nothing but nice and friendly I still have Wayne's World "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy" moments. I feel much the same about big name designers. Star struck! But that's cool I think Sl-ebrity is a great thing especially because it's based on your talent and your work put forth. Okay I'll end my tangent there.
In closing, if I don't pass you an item of mine that screams your name let me know. If I do pass you stuff and you'd prefer another color that's okay too. Just use common sense and decency.

Then there's always the possibility no one reads my blog. :D

Thursday, May 03, 2007


It's good to be back to a non-hurried pace!
A new silk and a 10 piece gothy delight is what I have for you today.
Bathory is a 10 piece set, with 3 skirt options! go nuts.
Kali is a shimmery, India inspired silk with bindis in matching colors :D