Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sirah and a 4th of July Limited Edition

Sirah silks in some pretty summer brights! I love the prim design on these.
And for some silly silks cause I do so love holiday themed silks. Sirah in Amerciana! Show your submission and a lil patriotic spirit. Americana verison is only available til July 5th! They're 300L to buy and also available in the Lucky Chair. Enjoy :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Diamanda Formal and Ari Babydoll

New dresses! They made their debut at the podshow island 'Rock in Style' fashion last night and it was great fun. Live music and super clothes. I'll probably make the formal in more colors soon rl had me rather distracted for the last week and I haven't gotten to it yet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Silk Hunt!

I've had some stuff just sitting in my inventory. Discontinued styles and colors I wasn't so crazy about so I boxed 5 up and hid them around the island. Freebies with a twist :D Mostly cause I want you all to get out and explore a bit I made all these cute little cuddle spots that no one ever uses. 5 silks for 5L. Go hunt, have fun!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Silk Gift Cards Have Arrived!

Here they are in all their glory. Only available for use on silks atm. If there's a need for me to set up the other items with the system I will. I purchased the fantastic gift card system from the super helpful Escort Defarge and I'm very happy. Super easy to setup and I got these pretty lil cards :D Just buy whatever denomination and give to your person of choice. They 'wear' the card and use it as their payment method. Yay! Say you have a 500L card and buy a 450L silk, there's 50L left you can apply it to another purchase and pay the rest from your linden balence. Waste not want not. It's brilliant I'm thrilled. *jumps up and down*

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Diamanda Silkies and the coming of gifty cards

SL made these such a p.i.a. to make but I finally finished them. Despite lag, crashes, turning brick red at random moments etc. Diamanda is a glittering diamond of a silk. Available in Diamond, Blue, Pink, Lilac, Aqua, Canary and Lilac.

And lookie the June Lucky Chair silk. I try to keep the lucky chair silks Limited Editions. So grab it while you can!

Note: Talana will be closed for a few hours on Monday or Tuesday-to be announced. I need some time and space to set up the gift card system. Woohoo! For start its just going to be for the silks since they are almost the only no transfer items. But there's a lot of silks and it will take me a bit to get it set up. I will send out an official notice when I decide on a time.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gypsy with Sculpties!

Okay so I volunteered to read tarot cards and then I was at a loss for what to wear for my engagment so I asked my sis Abby Coalcliff to help me throw something together. In the middle of our efforts Nicky Ree annouced her gypsy outfit which is super fab awesome check it out here ! *bows down trying to properly pay credit* She did hers 1st didnt truly mean to come up on her heels.

Anyway back to our creation....

Each Set Includes: Top, White Top, Sculpted Sleeves,Flexi Skirt,HipWrap,HeadWrap,Earrings,Glitch PantsAnd YES sculpted sleeves!

Purple is RFL exclusive.
Come watch me embarass myself at the RFL fair tonight!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Come get your cards read for a great cause!

"Shai Delacroix and Shop-a-holics for a Cause are hosting a Relay for Life fundraiser this Sunday at 1:00 pm SLT too. The theme is “fortune tellers” and you’re encouraged to come dressed up like a gypsy. There will be tarot readings, contests and magic booths. Sounds like fun. The event coordinates are Relay Charity 165, 158, 23." -Snagged from Second Style Blog

I've volunteered myself to the shopaholics team for this event so come get your future told!
I'll be reading from 7-9 SLT though the event officially runs from 1-9SLT they'll be tons to see, buy and do all in support of RFL.