Saturday, January 20, 2007

Catching Up- Part 2 : Silks

And finishing my blog update. Here are the most recent silk collections in store.

Most Recent 1st-
Enchantment Silk- Available in 6 colors. Detailed prim work is the highlight of this silk and shimmery satin fabric .Each Silk inculdes- Top, Thong, Armbands, Anklet, Thighband, Nipple Chain, and 2 Styles of Skirts.

2. Harem Jewel- Available in 8 colors, 6 solid and 2 varigated. This silk has a classic coin theme and comes in favorite jewel tones. Each Silk inculdes top, skirt base and Full Skirt

Divine Capture- Made with a good friend in mind. Divine has an almost velvety look with gold accents and detailed prim work. Available in 10 colors. Each Silk inculdes, top, thong, armbands and skirt.

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