Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kimbera and Miranda and NEWS

New Silks-Kimbera :) the orange is in the lucky chair.
New FW Gown this gown is called Miranda. And the skirt is SmartSkirt scripted woohoo! So it will move right when you sit and walk n' stuff.
Veil, Undershirt and Gloves are included.
FYI: Im going on vacation for 3 weeks-ish I'll be on every once in a while but please be patient with response times! NO GIFT REQUESTS!! Please you the Giftcard system, giftcards are for sale at the front of the silk shop. If you submit a gift request I will refund your money the next time I'm on. Analise Lameth will forward any customer service requests to me that she receives and I will respond to them when I return.

Have a great October Everyone!
<3 Talyn

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