Monday, December 08, 2008

50% Off Store Card Sale

My laptop decided to die on me in the midst of my packing for a RL move so I'm stuck on my dinosaur pc until I can afford to fix it. So to speed the process up I'm having a When it rains, it pours 50% of store card sale!

Which means buy a store card for:
~250L you get 500L of store credit!
~500L you get 1000L card of store credit!
~1250L and you get 2500L of store credit!
~2500L gets you 5000L!! of store credit!

Simply buy a card from the card plinth then wear it and right click the item you wish you purchase and select 'card' Just as easy as a normal purchase!

Analise store cards are good on all silks, most FW and all accessories.

Giftcards make great gifts! You can buy them now and use them anytime. Even on future releases! And they are FULLY TRANSFERABLE!

So go buy cards! 50% off !!!! And it helps me get back to making stuff for you all! Please!!

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