Sunday, May 06, 2007

Owned and some afterthoughts

New silks out today. Yippie. I really like the colors on this set they kinda came together on their own. In addition to the 9 you can purchase there's another 2 behind the scenes. Sky and Tangerine. Sky was given to the update group as a gift and Tangerine now resides in the lucky chair as the May release. If you long for a new silk you can still join my update group and snag it from the past notices section.

And onto another topic. Review copies. Yes, I know everyone makes a review copy post but with good reason. We all have different opinions. If you ( a second life blogger with a site you can direct me to *with regular posting schedule*) wish to receive a review copy of my stuff, just ask. I won't be angry if it doesn't make the cut as long as you don't abuse your status. I occasionally pass out review copies on my own, but really I'm shy. I religiously read SL blogs and the writers have star status I am easily intimidated. Though the bloggers I've met have been nothing but nice and friendly I still have Wayne's World "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy" moments. I feel much the same about big name designers. Star struck! But that's cool I think Sl-ebrity is a great thing especially because it's based on your talent and your work put forth. Okay I'll end my tangent there.
In closing, if I don't pass you an item of mine that screams your name let me know. If I do pass you stuff and you'd prefer another color that's okay too. Just use common sense and decency.

Then there's always the possibility no one reads my blog. :D

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