Monday, May 21, 2007

I maketh more stuff

On a kick. When I'm not feeling my best I make things. It's like therapy I never really thought about til my best friend pointed it out. Usually my mood is reflected in whatever I've made. So today's offerings are as follows

Detention Worthy-My 1st Attempt at a schoogirl outfit. Top,Knee-Highs,Skirtbase,Flexi mini, panties

Onto things I made today....
Living Dead 'School' Girl- A goth revamp of Detention Worthy.

Fairuza which is loosely based on the gothic lolita style...yet oddly enough if you nix the sleeves and striped socks it looks a bit like a can can dancer costume. *insert puzzled and amused look*.
The set comes with:
Top and Sleeves in 3 colors, Glitch Shorts, Flex Crinoline skirt, Gloves to avoid that weird thing that happens when you make loose mesh sleeves, Striped socks, Arm Ruffles and Cameo Choker.

and now Im off to sleep...nini.

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