Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nymphet and Some 'kinis

I like this dress much more than I thought I would. It's kinda wicked looking. My sister Angelica (yes, another rl sis in sl..what can I say we have gaming addictions) is forever in pursuit of shorter skirts and all the trappings of clubwear. So I made this...and warped it into something I like too. It's following my gothy theme of late and its got the club glitter shine to it. So glitter-goth it shall be. The set comes with All 5 colors of tops, Thong, Gloves, and flexi skirt in 2 sizes. What can I say, I like black lace.

AND...cause Im in a jumping on the bandwagon kinda mood. I made bikinis. 3 patterns same style sold as a set. 200L on shirt/pants and underwear layers. They're no transfer... :p
Happy downtime to you all! I hope your work/house cleaning/tv watching/reading/errands/beta grid stalking all goes well! See you in the aftermath!


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